Crystal Advantage® Equine Granular Mineral


Volume Discount

Size Quantity Discount
50 lb. bag40 or more $2.00 per bag


A daily supplement providing highly bioavailable minerals and vitamins

Crystal Advantage® Equine Minerals are formulated with high-quality ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of performance horses. Crystal Advantage® is formulated with highly bioavailable ingredients. 99.9%* of the supplemented trace minerals in Crystal Advantage® come from polysaccharide chelates, a source of trace minerals that have superior bioavailability when compared to oxide and sulfate based trace minerals.

• Improved endurance
• Faster post-exercise muscle recovery
• Stronger immune function
• Better hoof health
• Reduced need for additional
nutrition packs
• Flexibility – Feed as a top dress or mix into grain
• A broad range of applications:
working, performance, pleasure, growing foals, breeding stock
• Lower feed cost


10 lb pail…$19.25, 50 lb. bag…$53.95

Free choice or mix into grain ration as the sole source of minerals and salt. Feed according to nutritional needs listed in chart.

TOP DRESS FEEDING RATES (1100 lb. horse/hd/day)
Maintenance 2 oz. (57 g) 1 oz. (28.5 g)
Light Work 4 oz. (114 g) 2 oz. (57 g)
Moderate Work 6 oz. (171 g) 3 oz. (85.5 g)
Heavy/Intense Work 8 to 10 oz. (228 to 285 g) 4 oz. (114 g)
Lactating Mares 6 to 10 oz. (171 to 285 g) 4 oz. (114 g)
Breeding Stallions 6 oz. (171 g) 4 oz. (114 g)
Growing Foals 0.5 oz. (14.25 g) 0.25 oz. (7.1 g)
(per 100 lb. body wt.)