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Increasing Herd Profitability Despite Low Milk Prices

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By Teresa Marker, B.S.

Milk prices fluctuate due to market supply and demand.  When milk prices are low, producers find themselves evaluating their current herd status and profitability. Many producers start looking at ways to improve herd health or try to cut costs by eliminating additives. One farm in northwestern Wisconsin, which milks 160 Holstein cows in a robot barn, decided it was time to look for a company that could help improve their situation. A neighbor of theirs, that is currently a Crystal Creek® client utilizing our Crystal Creek® Dairy Nutrition Model (CCDNM), referred them to Crystal Creek®. Their previous nutritionist was using a “band-aid” approach with the herd and it wasn’t working.

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Crystal Advantage® = A Performance Advantage

Click here to view as a pdf:  Crystal Advantage Equals A Performance Advantage

By Kaylee Viney, Livestock Specialist

Spring is one of the busiest seasons in the equine industry. From preparing for a competitive show season to conditioning horses for field work, we ask our equine athletes to perform with stamina and endurance every year.  The Crystal Advantage® equine product line has been created for horses who need to perform at an optimum level despite the stress of traveling, competing or dealing with weather changes and heavy workloads.

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