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Preventing Scours Is Cheaper Than Treating Them

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By Ryan Leiterman, D.V.M.

Calf scours have been around as long as we have had domesticated cattle and yet they continue to plague the dairy industry. When it comes to getting serious about preventing calf scours, there are four main areas to consider. They are 1) maternity pen cleanliness 2) colostrum management and dry cow vaccination 3) monitoring total solids concentration and temperature of milk or milk replacer and 4) using an intestinal stabilizer such as Calf Shield® to support the GI health of the calf.

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“Ask The Vet and Ask The Nutritionist”

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By Teresa Marker, B.S.

“Two years ago in Wisconsin we had drought-like growing conditions and I experienced molds & mycotoxins in my feedstuffs.  The 2014 growing season brought ample amounts of rain.  Are my worries about mold and mycotoxins over?”

J.S. from Central Wisconsin

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Young Stock-The Missing Link

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By Dr. John Popp, PhD.


The major focus on many dairy operations is to have high quality feeds provided to the milking herd and to produce milk in an economically effective manner. The second focus is on the dry cow program with the primary goal of having a feed program that keeps cows holding weight – a proper balance of cations of course – with the desired goal of having a smooth transition to lactation.

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Improving Horse Performance Through Smart Nutrition

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By Dan Leiterman


Horses are tremendous athletes; and as such have high nutritional requirements.   For horses that are expected to work or compete for a living, there are advanced nutritional tools that can help keep them performing at their very best. A nutritional program that focuses on improving endurance and providing rapid post-exercise recovery, while also supporting a strong immune function and overall vitality is paramount for any performance horse.

Crystal Creek® has taken these advanced nutritional concepts and designed a program that brings the most biologically sound and efficient nutrition principles to the equine industry.  The Crystal Advantage® line of equine minerals come in two forms. The pelleted mineral is available in 25 and 50 lb bags while the granular mineral is available in a 10 lb pail and 50 lb bag.

 Advanced Nutrition Concept #1: 

Use only the most bio-available, easily digestible mineral sources.

Our Crystal Advantage® Equine Pelleted and Granular Minerals are formulated using only the highest quality vitamins and minerals.  Our minerals contain:

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