Beef Mineral With Fly Control

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A mineral, trace mineral and vitamin supplement for beef brood cows, calves, feeders, replacement heifers and bulls

Size: 50 lb. bag

Beef Mineral With Fly Control can be fed:
a) mixed into a TMR (total mixed ration)
b) mixed into a grain mix
c) free choice as the sole source of mineral and salt for beef cows/calves, heifers, bulls, stockers and finishers.

Feed in a manner that will supply Beef Mineral With Fly Control up to, but not exceeding, the amounts indicated in the table below. It is recommended that this mineral be used in a ration that has been balanced by a Crystal Creek® Nutritionist.


Body Weight

500 lb.

700 lb.

900 lb.

1100 lb.

1300 lb.

1500 lb.

1700 lb.

Maximum daily intake of Beef Mineral

1.8 oz.

2.5 oz.

3.2 oz.

3.9 oz.

4.6 oz.

5.3 oz.

6.0 oz.