No-Phos Beef Mineral

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A phosphorus-free mineral, trace mineral, and vitamin supplement for feedlot cattle, beef stockers and finishers

No-Phos Beef Mineral is specifically designed for beef rations that do not require supplemental phosphorus.

• Efficient weight gain: Improved profitability
• Better foot health: Lower incidence of lameness
• Increased immune function: Fewer pulled cattle

Good For Use“Consider For Use” On Organic Farms*
*Verify product compliance with your organic certification agency before using any Crystal Creek® product.
Size: 50 lb. bag

Feed 0.31 lb. (5 oz.) to 0.5 lb. (8 oz.) of No-Phos Beef Mineral per head per day depending on animal weight and nutritional needs. Animals weighing 700 to 900 lb. will typically need 6 oz. of No-Phos Beef Mineral per head per day. Pre-mix No-Phos Beef Mineral into grain and roughage.

It is recommended that this mineral be used in a ration that has been balanced by a Crystal Creek® Nutritionist.