Swift Start® 16% Calf Grower

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A grower grain mix for dairy calves 3 to 12 months old

• Improved digestibility
• Reduced risk of ingredient separation
• Stonger immune support, better appetite
• Thriftier calves, stonger immune support
• Easier handling and improved palatability
• A natural alternative to ionophores
• Improved ADG and feed efficiency for both pre- and post-weaned calves

• Rolled corn
• Pelleted protein, mineral and vitamins
• Clean Phosphorus
• 100% polysaccharide trace mineral supplementation
• 100% Selenium Yeast supplementation
• Higher vitamin fortification
• Proper liquid molasses levels
• Natural Coccidiostat
• Does not contain undesirable grain fillers

Not For Use On Organic Farms
Size: 50 lb. bag

Feed 3 to 6 lbs. per head per day of Swift Start® 16% Calf Grower to post-weaned calves and heifers. Feed according to body size and desired growth rate. Also feed good quality forages and clean fresh water. For more information on balancing rations for growing calves and heifers contact Crystal Creek®.

Caution: Swift Start® 16% Calf Grower contains Selenium. The addition of feed of higher levels of Selenium is not permitted.