Dairy Glow™

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A nutritional supplement providing trace elements and vitamins for lactating dairy cows, dry cows, lactating goats and dry goats

Good For Use“Consider For Use” On Organic Farms*
*Verify product compliance with your organic certification agency before using any Crystal Creek® product.
Size: 50 lb. bag
Crude Protein(Min.) 10.0%Copper (Cu)(Max.) 2,400 ppm
Crude Fat(Min.) 2.0%Copper (Cu)(Min.) 2,200 ppm
Crude Fiber(Min.) 7.0%Magnesium (Mg)(Min.)         0.10%
ADF(Max.) 9.0%Potassium (K)(Min.)         0.50%
Calcium (Ca)(Min.) 0.75%Zinc (Zn)(Min.)  8,000 ppm
Calcium (Ca)(Max.) 1.0%Selenium (Se)(Min.) 0.01 ppm
Phosphorus (P)(Min.) 0.4%Vitamin E(Min.) 3,200 IU/lb.

There is no measuring  scoop in this bag. To calculate intake for feeding Dairy Glow™, consider that an 8 oz. measuring cup level full contains 5 oz. of Dairy Glow™.

Lactating Cows: Feed 2 oz./hd./day
Dry Cows: Feed 1 oz./hd./day for the entire dry period
Goats: Feed 1/4 oz./hd./day for goats weighing 150 lbs.