Crystal Advantage® Equine Granular Mineral


Volume Discount

Size Quantity Discount
50 lb. bag40 or more $2.00 per bag


A daily supplement providing highly bioavailable minerals and vitamins

Crystal Advantage® Equine Minerals are formulated with high-quality ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of performance horses. Crystal Advantage® is formulated with highly bioavailable ingredients. 99.9%* of the supplemented trace minerals in Crystal Advantage® come from polysaccharide chelates, a source of trace minerals that have superior bioavailability when compared to oxide and sulfate based trace minerals.

• Improved endurance
• Faster post-exercise muscle recovery
• Stronger immune function
• Better hoof health
• Reduced need for additional
nutrition packs
• Flexibility – Feed as a top dress or mix into grain
• A broad range of applications:
working, performance, pleasure, growing foals, breeding stock
• Lower feed cost


10 lb pail…$19.25, 50 lb. bag…$53.95

Free choice or mix into grain ration as the sole source of minerals and salt. Feed according to nutritional needs listed in chart.

TOP DRESS FEEDING RATES (1100 lb. horse/hd/day)
Maintenance2 oz. (57 g)1 oz. (28.5 g)
Light Work4 oz. (114 g)2 oz. (57 g)
Moderate Work6 oz. (171 g)3 oz. (85.5 g)
Heavy/Intense Work8 oz. (228 g)4 oz. (114 g)
Lactating Mares6 to 10 oz. (171-285 g)4 oz. (114 g)
Breeding Stallions8 oz. (228 g)4 oz. (114 g)
Growing Foals0.5 (14.25 g) Call for rates0.25 oz. (7.1 g) Call for rates
(per 100 lb. body wt.)