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Your Calf Barn, Our Passion


Learn why Crystal Creek® is the right choice for your calf barn ventilation.

This video explains the philosophy behind our calf barn ventilation systems and how Crystal Creek® believes there is “no such thing as too much fresh air”.

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FLAP DUCT is the industry’s most versatile calf barn ventilation system, providing calf raisers an unmatched level of multi season fresh air control. Learn more about how Crystal Creek® can help you implement this technology in your calf barn today.

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Crystal Creek® – Digital Catalog

Since 2023 we offer a digital version of our product catalog.

Click on the picture to flip through the pages and learn about our whole product portfolio.

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Crystal Creek® – A Family Owned Business Serving the Farming Community

Crystal Creek natural livestock facilities in Wisconsin Our team works hard every day to earn the trust of our clients by providing products and services of exceptional performance and value.

Crystal Creek® strives to provide our clients with the products and knowledge they need to raise healthy, productive animals. We put a priority on the profitability of our clients and the health of their animals; which is why we offer some of the highest quality, best value products in the industry.

Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer your herd health and nutrition questions. To learn more about how Crystal Creek® helps livestock producers, visit our About Us page.