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Crystal Creek® Sponsors Spooner High Chapter of Skills USA

Crystal Creek® Natural recently provided a platinum sponsorship for the Spooner Chapter of the Skills USA program.  This support provided opportunities for local high school students to learn various trade industry skills that will help ensure our nation has a strong workforce for its future.  Crystal Creek® is proud to help Skills USA provide youth with the instruction and encouragement needed to reach their career goals.  Students involved in this program created a video as a special thanks to Crystal Creek® Natural which can be viewed here:


Progressive Dairy Magazine Features Dr. Ryan Leiterman’s Article “4 Air Exchanges Per Hour: A History of Calf Barn Ventilation”

Dr. Ryan Leiterman recently contributed to Progressive Dairy Magazine with his article “4 Air Exchanges Per Hour:  A History of Calf Barn Ventilation and an Industry That Is Slow To Change.”  

Click here to view in Progressive Dairy:

Click here to view the Canadian Issue:



Biosecurity in Poultry

As the days become longer and temperatures increase, we can sense that spring is upon us. Spring brings us new opportunities and experiences. Many poultry enthusiasts are starting their own backyard flocks for the first time while others are introducing new birds to an existing flock. With these events, we would like to remind our poultry raisers of the importance of a good biosecurity protocol.

The key to preventing diseases, such as Newcastle disease, and maintaining a healthy flock of your own starts with good biosecurity practices.  Contact Crystal Creek® today to learn more about how you can protect your birds from common pathogens and health risks.