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Basic Calf Barn Designs and Commonly Asked Questions

Every calf barn design is customized to the individual producer’s needs. We take the time to understand the goals of each calf raiser and design a system that will deliver results. Exploring options and providing solutions that our customers are comfortable with is our job. Every design we create comes with a complete Ventilation Proposal which details how to install the system, how the system will function and an overall project budget.

Natural Ventilation Disrupts Positive Pressure Ventilation

Fogging Calf Barn

Commonly Asked Questions

quesiton-markHow do these systems work?

Positive pressure systems use a fan located at the end of the barn to deliver fresh outside air along a heavy duty fabric tube. The tube carries fresh air the length of the barn and discharges it through holes located above each pen. Every tube is custom designed to each barn’s unique pen layout.

quesiton-markWhat are these positive pressure tubes made of?

Two materials are available based on the application required. Most commonly, the tube is made of a durable, rip stop high-density
polyethylene. If the tube will be exposed to direct sunlight, a vinyl material is available.

quesiton-markHow long can the tube be?

Experience has shown an operating length of 200 feet for a single fan system is possible. Longer runs can be accomplished but will require specialized fan equipment and advanced design considerations. In most situations, a tube can ventilate a width of 20-25 feet.

quesiton-markWon’t this added ventilation make it too cold in the winter?

Great care is taken in the design of each ventilation system to ensure that fresh air is delivered to the calf WITHOUT CREATING A DRAFT in cold weather. A properly designed ventilation system delivers a blanket of fresh air that gently settles over each calf.  The use of variable speed fans and the internal membrane technology found in FLIP DUCT and FLAP DUCT offer unmatched air speed control.

quesiton-markI have fans in my barn already, isn’t that enough?

Having fans in a barn does not mean the calf pens are adequately ventilated. Often the air inside the calf pen is poorly ventilated despite having numerous fans throughout the barn.  If you are unsure about the ventilation status of your calf barn, call and schedule a calf barn ventilation evaluation with Dr. Leiterman.

quesiton-markAre these systems easy to install?

Yes! The positive pressure tube system comes complete from the manufacturer with everything                                                                                                                     necessary for installation along with an installation                                                                                                                       diagram.