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Dr. Leiterman featured on Dairy Radio Now with “A Breath of Fresh Air”

Dr. Ryan Leiterman, Director of Technical Services for Crystal Creek®, is pleased to now be a regular contributor to the Dairy Radio Now program with host, Bill Baker. Dr. Leiterman will speak on topics relevant to the dairy calf industry in a featured segment called “A Breath of Fresh Air“.

Listen to Dr. Leiterman the first Wednesday of every month on .






10/3/18:  Old Barns Can Have Cost Effective Calf Space


9/5/18:  Focus on the Calf Pen-Not the Barn

8/1/18:  Heat Hurts Calves Too


7/11/18: Calf Wheel of Health


6/6/18: Retrofitting Stanchion Barns for Optimal Ventilation


5/2/18: Staying Consistent in an Inconsistent Environment


4/4/18: Spring Thoughts:  Curtains, Eves & Ridges 


3/7/18: Building A New Calf Barn? 


2/7/18: Raising Healthy Calves Saves Time and Money