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Dairy Radio Now: “ASK THE VET”

Dr. Ryan Leiterman, Director of Technical Services for Crystal Creek®, is pleased to be a regular contributor to the Dairy Radio Now program with host, Bill Baker. Dr. Leiterman will speak on topics relevant to the dairy calf industry in a featured segment called “Ask the Vet“.  Visit Dairy Radio Now at 

This segment is heard on Dairy Radio Now the first Wednesday of every month.



2/7/2024:  ASK THE VET:  The Highs and Lows of Winter Temperatures



10/5/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Calves Are Amazing



8/7/2023:  ASK THE VET:  The Heat is On- Keep Calves Cool



5/4/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Mastitis Cases Expected To Rise During Summer Months




4/6/2023:  ASK THE VET:  The Skin Is A Window To The Immune System



3/2/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Strange Vet Visits



2/1/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Friendly Feeding



1/5/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Feeding Young Calves More Frequently


12/09/2022:  ASK THE VET:  The Physiology of Feeding Calves



11/02/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Feeding Fiber Over Starch


10/06/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Dealing with High Corn Prices



9/07/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Diarrhea:  Two Causes, Two Strategies



8/03/2022:  ASK THE VET:  The Science Behind Heat Stress



7/06/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Keeping Cows Cool


6/01/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Taking Care of Man’s Best Friend




5/04/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Improving Rumen Microbial Growth




4/07/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Mixing Milk Replacer:  A Daily Task



3/02/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Feeding Programs Vary



2/02/2022:  ASK THE VET:  The Importance of Calf Milk Replacer



1/05/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Keeping Fans on During Winter


12/01/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Dairying in Northern Italy



11/03/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Tweaking the Dairy Ration


10/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Care During Seasonal Changes



09/01/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Gleaning Information from Forage Fermentation Profiles



08/11/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Forage Program Begins with Fermentation Profile



07/07/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Home Grown Forage Digestibility


06/02/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Tweaking the Dairy Ration



05/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  As the Skin Goes, the Immune System Goes



04/07/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Skin Condition Relates to the Immune System


3/02/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Keeping Water Safe and Clean


2/03/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Biofilm Awareness


1/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Understanding Winter Ventilation


12/03/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Minimizing the Risk of Ketosis


11/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Ketosis Testing & Treatment Options


10/07/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Testing for Ketosis



09/02/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Diarrhea is Cause for Concern



08/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  The Heat Is On



07/01/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Why Vaccines Fail-Part 2



06/03/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Knowing Your Calf Vaccines-Part 1


05/06/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Tips for Feeding Calves



04/01/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Biofilms in Agriculture


03/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Spring Cleaning with Results


02/05/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Feeding Young Calves


01/02/2020:  Heat and Winter Barn Ventilation 


12/4/19:  Winter Barn Ventilation Tips


11/6/19:  Don’t Limit Winter Barn Circulation


10/2/19:  ‘Tis The Season to Control Air Flow


9/5/19:  Six ‘Spokes’ to Calf Health


8/7/19: Beat the Heat with Proper Ventilation


7/3/19: Dairying in Russia


6/5/19: Observations From Europe


5/1/19: German Farming Practices 


4/4/19: Spring Thoughts:  Curtains, Eves & Ridges 

This segment was originally published for the April 2018 Episode of Dairy Radio Now and is being republished as a “Best of the Year” segment for April 2019.  


3/6/19:  Don’t Cut Costs With Fans


2/6/19:  Leave the Fans On


1/2/19:  Build Ventilation Around Penning


12/5/18:  Winter Housing:  Focus on Air Volume Not Speed


11/7/18:  Focus on Bedding and Nutrition to Prevent Pneumonia


10/3/18:  Old Barns Can Have Cost Effective Calf Space


9/5/18:  Focus on the Calf Pen-Not the Barn


8/1/18:  Heat Hurts Calves Too


7/11/18: Calf Wheel of Health


6/6/18: Retrofitting Stanchion Barns for Optimal Ventilation


5/2/18: Staying Consistent in an Inconsistent Environment


4/4/18: Spring Thoughts:  Curtains, Eves & Ridges 


3/7/18: Building A New Calf Barn? 


2/7/18: Raising Healthy Calves Saves Time and Money