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Calf Barn 101

Every calf barn design is customized to the individual producer’s needs. We take the time to understand the goals of each calf raiser and design a system that will deliver results. Exploring options and providing solutions that our customers are comfortable with is our job. Every design we create comes with a complete Ventilation Proposal which details how to install the system, how the system will function and an overall project budget.

Calf Barn Design

Calf Barn Ventilation Video

Click above to watch an informative video on the basics of calf barn ventilation.

Fogging Calf Barn

Click above to watch a video of a fogging calf barn.

Natural Ventilation Disrupts Positive Pressure Ventilation

Click above to watch a demonstration of natural ventilation interfering with positive pressure ventilation.

Ventilation duct with small holes

Small holes produce weak, “thready” jets of air that quickly lose momentum, much like air blown through a small-diameter straw. This results in slow, gentle air reaching the calves. Small diameter holes in a ventilation duct are ideal for cold weather use.

Ventilation duct with large holes

Large holes produce robust jets of air with more momentum, much like a leaf blower with a large-diameter nozzle, delivering fast, colling air over longer distances. Large diameter holes in a ventilation duct are ideal for warm weather use.


Click here to view a pdf of our Calf Barn Ventilation brochure:  Calf Barn Ventilation Brochure