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The revolutionary design of FLIP DUCT is the biggest innovation to hit calf barn ventilation in the last 10 years. Finally, a single duct system that works in ALL SEASONS! See why this patented technology is so amazing and how it can work on your farm.

Flip Duct

Since its introduction into the market in the Fall of 2015, it has turned the calf barn ventilation industry on its head, literally. Calf raisers everywhere are saving money by installing single fan and duct systems for year-round ventilation. Feedback from the field shows that the fast, cooling air speeds delivered by FLIP DUCT during hot weather helps alleviate fly stress and has shown to keep bedding drier, longer. It’s simple to operate…one person can easily rotate 100 feet of duct in under 10 minutes. In cold weather, the small holes in FLIP DUCT are designed to deliver slow, low volume air to the calves, making it the ideal winter ventilation system. Multiple aspects of the FLIP DUCT design are patented ( Patent #9,599,362.  Additional foreign and domestic patents pending ) and this new, exciting product is only available through Crystal Creek®.


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Rotating Collar Assembly

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Patent #9,599,362.  Additional foreign and domestic patents pending