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Thank a Farmer – Where Crystal Creek Cares





Lynn Kittleson, Poultry Raiser

March 2018

Crystal Creek® Family Flock



Rob Adler, Warehouse Manager

February 2018

Crystal Creek® Shipping and Customer Service



Culver Family Farms

January 2018

Crystal Creek® Products and Services



Lorrie Meister, CVT, Livestock Specialist

December 2017

Crystal Creek® Calf Products and Services



Erik Brettingen, B.S. , Livestock Nutritionist

November 2017

Canine Health Forward Nutrition Program



 Jessica Getschel, B.S. , Livestock Nutritionist

October 2017

Crystal Creek® Ventilation Services




Erik Brettingen, B.S. , Livestock Nutritionist

September 2017

Crystal Creek® Poultry Program




 Dan Leiterman, President and CEO

August 2017

Crystal Creek® Inoculant Program



Teresa Marker, B.S. , Livestock Nutritionist

July 2017

Crystal Creek® Nutrition Program



Dr. Ryan Leiterman

Director of Technical Services

May-June 2017

Crystal Creek® Introduction