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‘Consider For Use’ on Organic Farms

As an aid in classifying which products in the Crystal Creek® catalog may be considered for use on organic farms, we provide the following symbol for your convenience. Good For Use

We recommend that you verify the product’s organic standards compliance with your certifying agency before using on an organic farm.

‘Consider For Use’ On Organic Farms
To the best of Crystal Creek®’s knowledge, it has been determined that the ingredients in these products are in compliance with the NOP/USDA National Organic Program standards and may be ‘considered for use’ on organic farms.

Not For Use On Organic Farms
There may be an ingredient in this product that does not meet the National Organic Program standards established by the NOP/USDA, and should not be used on organic farms unless specifically authorized by your certifying agency.
Crystal Creek® is not responsible for producer compliance with the NOP/USDA organic regulations.

Crystal Creek® is not liable for loss of organic status by any producer due to the use of products, programs or consulting offered by Crystal Creek®.
Verify product compliance with your certifying agency before using products from the Crystal Creek® website!