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Paladin™ : Your Knight In The Battle For Feed Efficiency

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By Julie Wadzinski, B.S.

From King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table to Charlemagne’s Paladin Knights, defending the vulnerable and weak was one of the Knights’ many duties. In modern times, Crystal Creek’s® Paladin line of swine nutrition protects like a strong knight. Paladin G/F Swine Mineral encourages healthy and profitable swine production. What makes Paladin different from the typical commercial swine mineral is its strong formulation and bio-availability. Crystal Creek® Paladin was designed to meet every gamut of swine production while protecting your stock from the most challenging conditions with sound nutrition.

Strong Mineral Formulation is the Foundation of Crystal Creek’s® Paladin™ G/F Swine Mineral

Cleaned Phosphorus Sourcing:

Phosphorus is required by all animals for energy metabolism. In most commercial minerals the phosphorus has a number of contaminates that reduces the bio-availability. These contaminants can reduce energy utilization and nutrient absorption which can directly reduce feed efficiency. Crystal Creek® cleans the phosphorus and significantly reduces the level of contaminants to better support feed efficiency thus improving profitability.  Piggy

Polysaccaharide Chelated Trace Minerals and Selenium Yeast:

Different types of trace minerals have varying levels of absorption. For example, less than 50% of trace minerals from sulfate sources can be absorbed by an animal and less than 10% of oxide trace minerals are absorbed. Maximize your return on feed investment by using a mineral with polysaccaharide chelated trace minerals like Crystal Creek® Paladin™ G/F Swine Mineral. The same principle can be applied to selenium sources. The most commercially used selenium source is sodium selenite, which is less than 25% available to the animal. Crystal Creek® uses only selenium yeast which is over 90% available. Trace minerals and selenium are important for immune function, reproduction and feed efficiency, which are all important facets of swine production. This means that adequate amounts of efficient nutrition, absorbed by the animal, are crucial to performance such as boar fertility, sow and gilt conception rates and maintaining feed intake on recently weaned or processed piglets.


Crystal Creek® Paladin™ G/F Swine Mineral Offers Flexibility:

Crystal Creek® Nutritionists make phase feeding your pigs easy with one mineral premix. Whether raising feeder pigs, breeding stock, or finishing market hogs, Crystal Creek® Paladin™ G/F Swine mineral offers the flexibility to use the same premix for all stages of production. See Figure 1.

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Julie Swine Ration Chart_LSideJulie Swine Rations ChartRSide


Supportive Products:

Even with a solid nutritional foundation, pigs may still be susceptible to different challenges throughout the production period. Crystal Creek® has a comprehensive, supportive swine health program to help protect your bottom line. For example:

•Crystal Pellets™ or Aloe Juice fed during times of stress (i.e. piglet processing, weaning, farrowing and breeding) can minimize the negative effects of stress and help maintain production efficiency.

•Super Boost™ Powder is effective at enhancing appetite in lactating sows during the critical post-farrowing days by supporting milk production and preventing downer sows.

•Paladin™ Spike can be used in your post-wean nursery pigs to manage digestive upset.

•Fly Repellent and Lice and Mange Wash are good tools for managing external parasites.

Call and visit with Crystal Creek’s® knowledgeable staff about which Crystal Creek® products would best serve and protect your swine. Let the Crystal Creek® Paladin™ Swine Nutrition Program be the Knight on your side in the battle for hog performance and improved profitability.