Swift Start® Milk Replacer 18/20

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Gentle Processing, Non-Medicated, High Performance Calf Milk Replacers

Swift Start® Milk Replacer 18/20 is an all milk formulation with extra amino acids. Swift Start® 18/20 provides excellent nutrition at a real value.


  • Excellent calf acceptance
  • Easy mixing
  • Outstanding calf performance
  • Smoother transition to dry feeds
  • Economical to feed

Swift Start® Calf Milk Replacers are part of an innovative calf nutrition program for the professional calf raiser who insists on healthy calves, excellent performance and a common sense economic value.

Gently Processed: 

The gentle processing of Swift Start® Calf Milk Replacers (CMR) does not use additional heat or steam that could compromise nutrient availability.

Human Grade Milk Powders:
All milk powders used in Swift Start® CMR, when sourced, meet human consumption quality standards assuring the highest level of ingredient digestibility.

High Quality Fat Formulation:
All of the supplemental fats used in Swift Start® CMR,
when sourced, meet human edible grade standards which
result in better calf performance.

100% Chelated Trace Mineral Fortification:
100% of the trace mineral fortification of the Swift Start®
CMR is chelated/proteinated trace minerals for improved

100% Selenium Yeast Fortification:
Selenium yeast is over 90% bioavailable, as compared to typical selenium sources such as sodium selenite which is less than 25% bioavailable.

Swift Start® CMR is acidified to promote optimum stomach
pH for better digestive function to help reduce the growth and colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

Sodium Butyrate:
Swift Start® High Gain 25/18 and Swift Start® 22/20 CMR contain sodium butyrate, a digestion aid to better support a healthy, efficient digestive tract.

Amino Acid Fortification:
Additional key amino acids are added to the Swift Start® 18/20 calf milk replacer so that it will feed similar to a 20/20 calf milk replacer, but at a lower cost.

Size: 50 lb. bag

Swift Start® 18/20 is designed to be fed at 1 lb. of powder per calf per day.