Baby Buck®



A protein and mineral supplement for gestating and growing deer

Crystal Creek® Minerals are formulated with high-quality, highly bioavailable ingredients. 99.9%* of the supplemented trace minerals in Baby Buck® come from polysaccharide chelates, a source of trace minerals that have superior bioavailability when compared to oxide and sulfate-based trace minerals.


• Easy to feed pellet
• Excellent vitamin fortification
• High quality protein ingredients

• Supports improved growth and performance
• Promotes optimum immune support
• Encourages a healthier, vigorous population

Note: Be sure to check and comply with all State and Federal regulations regarding the feeding of wildlife in your area.

Size: 50 lb. bag


Feed Baby Buck® Pellets free choice to free-ranging deer and game animals.  Intake will normally be 1% of body weight.  Intake may be adjusted by locating feeders nearer to or farther from water, forage or cover areas.  Provide a source of fresh, clean water at all times.