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Swine Nutrition Consulting

NutritionConsulting_Swine01Nutrition Consulting

A company that cares about quality as much as you do…that is what you can expect when you work with Crystal Creek®. At Crystal Creek®, our commitment to client success is reflected in our unwavering devotion to the development of high quality, exceptional value products for the swine industry. It is this commitment to superior nutrition that has resulted in the tremendous success experienced by Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral users.

Feeding Directions (By pig body weights, lb.)

High Lean Growth Capacity75–99100–129130–166167–208209–257258–313
Moderate Lean Growth Capacity50–6970–8990–119120–149150–189190–234235–280
Low Lean Growth Capacity36–4950–6566–8586–109110–138139–162163–200201–246
Sample Grain Mixes (lb.)18.8% CP17.5% CP16.1% CP15.1% CP14.0% CP13.0% CP12.2% CP11.4% CP
Ground Corn14001465.51540.5159116521700.51746.51788
Soybean Meal (47%)543483.0410.0360300254.0210.0170
Paladin® G/F Mineral5045.043.0434240.038.037

Caution: Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral contains selenium. The addition to feed of higher levels of selenium is not permitted.
Do not feed Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral free-choice.