Cow Quench™

Cow Quench™


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Size Quantity Discount
1 gallon4 or more $1.00 per gallon

Product Description

A source of electrolytes for post-partum dairy and beef cows

• Electrolytes to help rehydrate cows, especially after freshening.
• Natural plant extract flavorings selected specifically to support appetite.

Size: 1 gallon
Salt (Min.)    0.80% Sodium (Min.)         0.35%
Salt (Max.)   1.30% Sodium (Max.)        0.85%
Magnesium (Max.)   0.04% Potassium (Min.)         0.13%


Administer orally 300 ml (approx. 10 oz.) per head per day as needed for cows. The full amount can be given at one time or this amount can be divided in half and fed twice a day.

CAUTION:  Avoid administering into the lungs.  Not for human use.