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A flavored high calcium supplement for post-partum dairy and beef cows

• Can be drenched or offered for cows to drink
• Flexible feeding rates
• Promotes smoother transitions into lactation

• Provides key vitamins, macro and trace minerals and digestion aids needed immediately after freshening
• High in available forms of calcium

Not For Use On Organic Farms
Size: 25 lb. bag
Crude Protein (Min.) 0.0 % Calcium (Min.) 7.0 %
Crude Fat (Min.) 0.0 % (Max.) 8.0 %
Crude Fiber (Max.) 0.5 % Selenium (Max.) 0.05 ppm
Acid Detergent Fiber (Max.) 0.5 %

Recommended mixing temperature of water: 110˚F to 120˚F.

Recommended feeding temperature of solution: 100˚F to 104˚F.

5 scoops equals 2 lb. of Fresh-N-DRINK™

As a drinkable solution: Mix 4 lb. into 10 gallons of warm water. Offer this solution immediately after freshening. Repeat in 12 hours if the cow is still weak or has poor appetite. Can also be delivered as an oral drench.