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“I would like to test some feed stuffs with Dairyland Labs.  Which test package do you recommend?”

-Wondering in Wisconsin-

Crystal Creek® recommends the Select Package. The Select Package (listed as N7 NIR Select on the Dairyland Labs Submission form) is recommended over the Basic Package because its analysis offers an evaluation of ash, TDN and NE values, where the Basic Package does not. Crystal Creek® considers these values essential for balancing a ration.

The table below shows what each NIR Package is tested for. The NDF Digestibility, CNCPS 6.5, CNCPS 6.1 and Complete Packages include varying NDF digestibility levels and RFQ (Relative Feed Quality) values as well. It is useful to have a RFQ value if you are looking to market your forage. The different NDFD values give valuable insight into the quality of the NDF and how it is digested, but is not required to balance a ration. NIR forage testing is less expensive and faster than other test methods. See the chart below for package costs.

If you suspect your feed is at risk for mycotoxins, Dairyland Labs now offers a new mycotoxin test called the Complete 17. This test checks for 17 different types of mycotoxins and has higher detection rates than other methods offered. A more economical approach is the Any 4 Toxins test. The four toxins that we recommend testing for are DON/Vomitoxin, Zearalenone, T2, and Fumonisin/B1.

– By Alex Austin, B.S.


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