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Biosecurity in Poultry

As the days become longer and temperatures increase, we can sense that spring is upon us. Spring brings us new opportunities and experiences. Many poultry enthusiasts are starting their own backyard flocks for the first time while others are introducing new birds to an existing flock. With these events, we would like to remind our poultry raisers of the importance of a good biosecurity protocol.

The key to preventing diseases, such as Newcastle disease, and maintaining a healthy flock of your own starts with good biosecurity practices.  Contact Crystal Creek® today to learn more about how you can protect your birds from common pathogens and health risks.




Visit Crystal Creek at World Dairy Expo 2019



Visit Crystal Creek® at World Dairy Expo in Trade Center Booth # 893.  October 1st through October 5th, 2019.  Check here for a daily schedule of events: or stop by our office headquarters in Spooner, WI where you can pick up a brochure containing the daily schedule before the show.  Expo provides an excellent opportunity to learn about new products, exciting developments in innovation, and network with existing and new industry professionals.  Crystal Creek® will have nutrition and calf barn ventilation specialists on hand at their booth daily to answer your questions.  We look forward to seeing you at World Dairy Expo 2019!


Dr. Ryan Leiterman Contributes to Progressive Dairy Magazine

Dr. Ryan Leiterman’s recent article “Drafts:  A Calf’s Best Friend or Greatest Foe”   has been published in the Progressive Dairy MagazineThis article addresses why drafts are traditionally thought of as a negative experience for calves and how they can be used to one’s advantage in certain situations.  Read more here to learn what the pros and cons of drafts can be in calf barn ventilation.

Click here to view as a pdf:  A calf’s best friend or greatest foe

Dr. Ryan Leiterman holds degrees in both Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Medicine.

By Dr. Ryan Leiterman

Drafts and pre-weaned calves – rarely is a topic so misunderstood. Many calf raisers are uncomfortable with the topic of drafts on calves, regardless of the outside temperature. Most people believe drafts are to be avoided at all costs.  I once heard of a veterinarian who would spark a lighter in a calf pen and if the flame flickered, even the slightest bit, would declare the presence of a dangerous draft.  Contrary to popular belief, however, drafts on pre-weaned calves are not always a bad thing. In fact, in certain situations, they can even be beneficial.

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Dairy Radio Now: “ASK THE VET”

Dr. Ryan Leiterman, Director of Technical Services for Crystal Creek®, is pleased to be a regular contributor to the Dairy Radio Now program with host, Bill Baker. Dr. Leiterman will speak on topics relevant to the dairy calf industry in a featured segment called “Ask the Vet“.  Visit Dairy Radio Now at 

This segment is heard on Dairy Radio Now the first Wednesday of every month.


8/7/2023:  ASK THE VET:  The Heat is On- Keep Calves Cool



5/4/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Mastitis Cases Expected To Rise During Summer Months




4/6/2023:  ASK THE VET:  The Skin Is A Window To The Immune System



3/2/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Strange Vet Visits



2/1/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Friendly Feeding



1/5/2023:  ASK THE VET:  Feeding Young Calves More Frequently


12/09/2022:  ASK THE VET:  The Physiology of Feeding Calves



11/02/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Feeding Fiber Over Starch


10/06/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Dealing with High Corn Prices



9/07/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Diarrhea:  Two Causes, Two Strategies



8/03/2022:  ASK THE VET:  The Science Behind Heat Stress



7/06/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Keeping Cows Cool


6/01/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Taking Care of Man’s Best Friend




5/04/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Improving Rumen Microbial Growth




4/07/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Mixing Milk Replacer:  A Daily Task



3/02/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Feeding Programs Vary



2/02/2022:  ASK THE VET:  The Importance of Calf Milk Replacer



1/05/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Keeping Fans on During Winter


12/01/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Dairying in Northern Italy



11/03/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Tweaking the Dairy Ration


10/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Care During Seasonal Changes



09/01/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Gleaning Information from Forage Fermentation Profiles



08/11/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Forage Program Begins with Fermentation Profile



07/07/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Home Grown Forage Digestibility


06/02/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Tweaking the Dairy Ration



05/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  As the Skin Goes, the Immune System Goes



04/07/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Skin Condition Relates to the Immune System


3/02/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Keeping Water Safe and Clean


2/03/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Biofilm Awareness


1/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Understanding Winter Ventilation


12/03/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Minimizing the Risk of Ketosis


11/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Ketosis Testing & Treatment Options


10/07/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Testing for Ketosis



09/02/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Diarrhea is Cause for Concern



08/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  The Heat Is On



07/01/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Why Vaccines Fail-Part 2



06/03/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Knowing Your Calf Vaccines-Part 1


05/06/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Tips for Feeding Calves



04/01/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Biofilms in Agriculture


03/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Spring Cleaning with Results


02/05/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Feeding Young Calves


01/02/2020:  Heat and Winter Barn Ventilation 


12/4/19:  Winter Barn Ventilation Tips


11/6/19:  Don’t Limit Winter Barn Circulation


10/2/19:  ‘Tis The Season to Control Air Flow


9/5/19:  Six ‘Spokes’ to Calf Health


8/7/19: Beat the Heat with Proper Ventilation


7/3/19: Dairying in Russia


6/5/19: Observations From Europe


5/1/19: German Farming Practices 

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Progressive Dairyman Features Recent Article by Crystal Creek® Ventilation Specialist

Crystal Creek® is pleased to announce Jessica Getschel’s most recent calf barn ventilation article published in the Progressive Dairyman Magazine.  Jessica is a livestock nutritionist and ventilation specialist at Crystal Creek® and holds a bachelor of science degree from University Wisconsin Madison in Dairy Science and Microbiology.

Click here to view as a pdf:  Calf-barn-ventilation–Install-new-or-make-improvements_-0519CA_NOAds

North Central Ohio Dairy Grazing Conference

Dr. Ryan Leiterman will be speaking at the North Central Ohio Dairy Grazing Conference, Thursday, January 24th and Friday, January 25th in Mt. Hope, Ohio. Dr. Leiterman will be discussing transition cow management techniques on Thursday afternoon and tips for achieving more profitability with your dairy operation on Friday, January 25th.  The conference is organized by the Small Farm Institute and the Conference fee includes Registration, Breaks/Vendor Show, Meals and Networking.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet and learn with industry professionals and fellow grazing advocates.


Crystal Creek® Supports Washburn County Fair

Congratulations to 2018 Washburn County Junior Fair

Livestock Show and Sale Participants

Seller, Katie Crosby, with her steer shown with Dr. Ryan Leiterman from Crystal Creek® and Abby Zehm, Fairest of the Fair.


Seller, Byron Ripplinger, with his hog shown with Dr. Ryan Leiterman from Crystal Creek® and Abby Zehm, Fairest of the Fair.