Genesis Plus™



Provides milk and plasma proteins, edible fats, vitamins and minerals for calves needing additional colostrum

Not For Use On Organic Farms
Size: 4 lb. jar
Crude Protein(Min.) 55.0%
Crude Fat(Min.) 14.0%
Crude Fiber(Max.) 0.15%
Calcium(Min.) 0.7% (Max.) 1.25%
Phosphorus(Min.) 0.7%
Vitamin A(Min.) 75,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin D3(Min.) 10,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin E(Min.) 370 IU/lb.
Vitamin C(Min.) 350 mg./lb.
Globulin Protein100 g./lb.

To Replace Colostrum: Mix 1.5 lb. (10 heaping scoops) in 3 quarts of warm water (110°–115° F). Thoroughly mix to ensure complete dispersion. Feed as soon after birth as possible by bottle or esophageal feeder at 102° F.