Swift Start® Organic 18% Calf Starter

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A starter grain mix for dairy calves 3 days to 3 months old

• Improved digestibility
• Reduced risk of ingredient separation
• Stronger immune support, better appetite
• Thriftier calves, stonger immune support
• Easier handling and improved palatability
• A natural alternative to ionophores
• Improved ADG and feed efficiency for both pre- and post-weaned calves

• Rolled corn
• Pelleted protein, mineral and vitamins
• High quality phosphorus source
• 100% polysaccharide trace mineral supplementation
• 100% selenium yeast supplementation
• Higher vitamin fortification
• Proper liquid molasses levels
• Natural coccidiostat
• Does not contain undesirable grain fillers


Size: 50 lb bag

Feed Swift Start® 18% Calf Starter free choice to young pre-weaned calves and post-weaned calves for several weeks. Offer high quality dry hay starting at 6 weeks of age. Always provide clean, fresh water when feeding Swift Start™ 18% Calf Starter. Calves should be eating at least two pounds of Swift Start® 18% Calf Starter per head per day before weaning. For more information on balancing rations for calves and heifers contact Crystal Creek®.

Caution: Swift Start® 18% Calf Starter contains Selenium. The addition of feed of higher levels of Selenium is not permitted.