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A mineral and vitamin supplement for post-partum dairy and beef cattle

• Chelated minerals
• Flexible feeding strategies:
– Liquid oral drenching (High or Low Volume)
– Dry Feeding (mix into feed)

Good For Use“Consider For Use” On Organic Farms*
*Verify product compliance with your organic certification agency before using any Crystal Creek® product.

6 lb. pail… $36.60, 25 lb. bag… $89.00

Calcium (Min.) 7.0% (Max.) 8.0% Choline 13.0 g/lb.
Potassium (Min.) 5.0% Niacin 12.0 g/lb.
Magnesium 4.0% Vitamin D 100,000 IU/lb.

Added To Feed: Mix 1 lb. per head into the daily feed ration. Mix into adequate amount of feed to ensure proper intake. Feed for one to three days as needed.

Added to Warm Water: Add 1 lb. into 5 gallons of warm water and offer to cows after calving.

As An Oral Drench: Mix 1 lb. into 3-10 gallons of water for an oral drench. Administer with an esophageal pump or hand held drencher. Administer once a day for one to three days as needed.