Fuse 207™

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A dietary supplement for ruminants

Why Fuse 207™ Is An Excellent Material For Shielding Livestock From Mycotoxins
1 . Contains a highly concentrated source of pure cell wall glucans.
2. Has a high mycotoxin blocking capacity.
3. Works quickly.
4. Works on a wide range of mycotoxins.
5. Provides significant immune system support.
6. Contains glucans that do not tie up nutrients in the ration.
7. Stable in the digestive tract.
8. Effective at low inclusion rates.
9. Economical to feed.

Nature’s Better Alternative: Research shows that nature provides a better mycotoxin blocker than non-polarized clay, charcoal based materials and/or humates. This natural blocker comes in the form of a material found in cell walls called B-1, 3 glucans. These compounds function specifically to defend the cell/body from toxic compounds such as mycotoxins. B-1, 3 glucans are fibrous carbohydrates that are not broken down by enzymatic action in the digestive tract and do not tie up critical nutrients.

Because of the many different types of mycotoxins, Crystal Creek’s® Fuse 207™ offers a diversified formulation of highly concentrated glucans from multiple sources, as well as polarized ions to better block a wide range of mycotoxins. Fuse 207™ is highly effective against many types of mycotoxins.

Good For Use“Consider For Use” On Organic Farms*
*Verify product compliance with your organic certification agency before using any Crystal Creek® product.
Size: 50 lb. bag


Feed 1 to 2 grams per 100 lbs. of body weight/hd./day as needed.  Mix evenly into the grain, or into the TMR for accurate delivery of the Fuse 207™.  One ounce is approximately 28.4 grams.