Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral

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A nutritional supplement for all classes of swine providing minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins

Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral is high performance, common sense livestock nutrition. The role of efficient, bioavailable nutrition in the production of healthy, profitable swine is indisputable.

Highly Bioavailable Trace Minerals: Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral is formulated using only highly bioavailable polysaccharide chelates.

100% Selenium Yeast: Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral is formulated exclusively with selenium yeast which is over 90% bioavailable as compared to sodium selenite which is only 25% available.

High Quality Phosphorus Source:  The Crystal Creek® line of livestock minerals are built on a sound foundation of high quality phosphorus sources.

Lower Inclusion Rates: Inclusion rates of Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral per ton of finished swine grower and finisher feed will range from 50 lb. to 37 lb. per ton, depending on the stage of growth (see Feeding Directions chart).

Reduced Feed Cost: Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral is an excellent nutritional value for producers focused on healthy animals and a stronger return on investment for their operation.

Meets National Organic Program (NOP) Standards: Paladin® G/F Swine Mineral meets the NOP standards for use in organic swine rations.

Good For Use“Consider For Use” On Organic Farms*
*Verify product compliance with your organic certification agency before using any Crystal Creek® product.
Size: 50 lb. bag
High Lean Growth Capacity75–99100–129130–166167–208209–257258–313
Moderate Lean Growth Capacity50–6970–8990–119120–149150–189190–234235–280
Low Lean Growth Capacity36–4950–6566–8586–109110–138139–162163–200201–246
Sample Grain Mixes (lb.)18.8% CP17.5% CP16.2% CP15.2% CP14.2% CP13.1% CP12.4% CP11.4% CP
Ground Corn1338140814811538159116511686.51788
Soybean Meal (46%)600535465410360300265170
Paladin® G/F Mineral555045.0434040.04037