Crystal Creek® ROI® 37% Beef Pellet

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50 lb. bag40 or more $0.50 per bag


A supplement providing protein, minerals and vitamins for beef calves, replacement heifers, bulls, stockers and feeders

Creep Feed Calf Rations
• Heavier weaning weights
• Increased immune function
• Easier weaning

Replacement Bull & Heifer Rations
• Efficient weight gain
• Earlier sexual maturity
• Better fertility in yearlings:
a) Earlier positive/improved
semen tests on bulls
b) Earlier estrus/improved
conception on heifers

Not For Use On Organic Farms
Size: 50 lb. bag
Body WeightROI® 37% Beef Pellets
400 – 7002.0
700 – 9001.5
900 – Finish1.0


1) Introduce Crystal Creek® ROI® 37% Beef Pellets to animals slowly over two weeks before reaching 2 lb./hd/day intake.
2) Mix Crystal Creek® ROI® 37% Beef Pellets into grain mix. Do not feed free choice.