Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix 16%

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A texturized grain mix for all classes of dairy cow, beef cow, growing calves and heifers, goats, sheep, swine and equine

• Texturized grain mix to support a customized, high quality nutrition program
• Flexibility to use in multiple species
• High lysine formulation with roasted soybean protein source
• Does not contain undesirable grain fillers
• Liquid molasses to encourage intake
• Contains a mycotoxin binder
• Formulated for immune support
• Supports endurance and production during times of challenge (i.e. heat stress, transportation, lactation)


• High quality ingredients, economically priced
• Promotes improved performance resulting in increased feed efficiency and greater return on investment
• Balanced nutritional support
• Easy to mix
• Improved digestibility
• Optimum palatability for better appetite and thriftier animals


Size: 50 lb. bag

Feed Foundation 16% according to a balanced ration and according to the animal’s need based on production level and body condition. Foundation 16% provides protein and energy to livestock and should be fed in conjunction with a well-balanced mineral and vitamin supplement that is appropriate to the species being fed. For example: A lactating dairy cow may be fed 5 to 20 lb. per head per day of Foundation 16% along with 4 to 8 oz. of a Crystal Creek® 2:1 Dairy Mineral according to a balanced ration and based on production need. Foundation 16% is not a source of forage. Feed Foundation 16% in conjunction with good quality forage according to a balanced ration. Always provide clean, fresh water. For more information on balancing rations for livestock contact Crystal Creek®.