Inoc-u-lock™ BH



A WATER SOLUBLE bacterial and enzymatic treatment for the stabilization of Baled Hay during the final dry down period

INOC-U-LOCK™ BH is a water soluble inoculant designed specifically for use on baled hay. Using a conventional fermentation inoculant on baled hay may not give optimum performance. There are several unique features needed for an inoculant to perform well on baled hay and INOC-U-LOCK™ BH has been designed to meet those challenges.

• INOC-U-LOCK™ BH stabilizes baled hay while it finishes the drying down process
• Lengthens harvesting window
• Is not corrosive to equipment
• Is environmentally safe to handle
• Meets National Organic Standards

Tip for Storing Baled Hay When INOC-U-LOCK™ BH is Applied:
• Leave plenty of space between bale rows to allow baled hay to breathe and complete drying process

Good For Use“Consider For Use” On Organic Farms*
*Verify product compliance with your organic certification agency before using any Crystal Creek® product.
Size: 400 gms jar

Total bacteria, not less than 9.54 billion CFU/gram.

DISCLAIMER: INOC-U-LOCK™ BH is not a preservative, nor a mold inhibitor. Because the manufacturer cannot control the condition of application, storage, and handling practices, no expressed warranty is made. Normal expected results from using this inoculant can only be expected when the application, storage and handling is followed as instructed.

For best results bale hay at 18% moisture or less.

Less than 18% 20g/ton Treats 20 Tons = 210,000 CFUs/gram of Baled Hay
18–20% moisture 30g/ton Treats  13 Tons = 315,000  CFUs/gram of Baled Hay
20–22% moisture 40g/ton Treats  10 Tons = 420,000 CFUs/gram of Baled Hay

When applying INOC-U-LOCK™ BH to a crop, the amount of water used for application can vary. Apply according to applicator directions.

Storage: Store INOC-U-LOCK™ BH in dry, refrigerated storage.

Considerations When Using INOC-U-LOCK™ BH

• INOC-U-LOCK ™ BH is not a mold inhibitor. Full dry down and proper storage of baled hay is necessary for preventing mold growth. INOC-U-LOCK™ BH is designed to stabilize the baled hay for a short period of time while it finishes drying down.
• Baled Hay over 22% moisture is difficult to stabilize and should not be attempted.
• Accurately measure moisture in baled hay regularly during the baling process and adjust INOC-U-LOCK™ BH application rate appropriately.