Vitamin & Trace Mineral Pak

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A vitamin and trace mineral supplement for all classes of dairy livestock

Consider These Key Features:
• Polysaccharide complex trace minerals – for increased bioavailability
• Contains Sel-Plex selenium yeast
• Highly fortified vitamin levels
• Low 1 oz. per head per day feeding rate
• Allows custom mineral formulation with locally sourced minerals
• Economical to feed

Crystal Creek’s® Dairy Vitamin & Trace Mineral Pak is an exceptionally high value product that appeals to the discriminating dairy producer. When you are looking for the most for your money and the best possible performance in a low daily feeding rate, the Crystal Creek® Dairy Vitamin & Trace Mineral Pak is a nutritional powerhouse.

Independent research has shown that many herd health problems (high somatic cell count, poor foot health, poor reproduction, mastitis, immune dysfunction, lower production) can be directly linked to poor nutrition and/or poor nutrient bio-availability. Crystal Creek’s® attention to ingredient quality
will help address these herd health risks.

Good For Use“Consider For Use” On Organic Farms*
*Verify product compliance with your organic certification agency before using any Crystal Creek® product.
Size: 50 lb. bag