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Every winter we have a number of animals who come in with chapped or cracked teats.  We would like to prevent this but we don’t know how?  Is there anything we can use to keep the cold weather from wrecking our cow’s teats?”

~ Chapped in Michigan ~


By Lorrie Meister, CVT

Winter poses many challenges for cattle and producers in general. Here at Crystal Creek® we have a number of products to help you prevent some of the most common problems seen with winter udder care.

The combination of cold temperatures and low humidity sets the stage for potential chapping and splitting of teat ends. Using a teat dip additive like Udder Velvet can help prevent many teat condition issues. Udder Velvet can be added to your current dip at a low, economical inclusion rate that will support the prevention (and healing) of chapping and irritation. Implementing a teat dip additive before cold weather arrives can help condition and soften the teats, preventing many issues from occurring when frigid temperatures begin.


If you are using a pre-dip solution it is important to practice proper wiping techniques that ensure the teat end is clean and dry (not just the base and sides). To make sure the pre-dip is thoroughly removed, place a dry towel in the palm of your hand and approach the teat end from below. After making firm contact with the teat end/orifice, grasp the teat at the base, while continuing to slide your hand downward with a rotating motion. This technique makes sure the complete teat is clean and dry.

When chapping and splitting does occur, the use of Udder Fancy can help heal teat tissue and restore skin condition. The components found in Udder Fancy also reduce the risk of frostbite and frozen teat ends by acting as a barrier against the environment. The essential oils and beeswax in this salve provide a moisturizing, healing effect to repair damaged tissue in a very efficient manner while acting as a shield against moisture, wind and extreme cold.

Choosing a teat dip that has effective germicidal properties while supporting udder health is crucial. Keeping somatic cell counts down while nurturing tissue at a cellular level should be the goal of any udder care program. It is recommended to use a dip with a higher emollient level and lower freezing point during winter months to protect your cows. Make sure you are using a quality dip that provides all the benefits needed to keep udder health at its peak performance. Call Crystal Creek® today to speak to one of our friendly staff about what udder care options are right for you in your fight against Old Man Winter.

Lorrie Meister, CVT
Livestock Specialist

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