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Understanding Biofilms In Agriculture

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By Jessica Dercks, B.S.

In agriculture today, sanitation technique and protocol implementation have become more important than ever before. An increased awareness of health benefits gained from a clean environment has stimulated a higher standard of cleaning expectations. Many producers not only strive to remove organic matter from surfaces, but also microbial buildup; more accurately, biofilms.

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Crystal Advantage® = A Performance Advantage

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By Kaylee Viney, Livestock Specialist

Spring is one of the busiest seasons in the equine industry. From preparing for a competitive show season to conditioning horses for field work, we ask our equine athletes to perform with stamina and endurance every year.  The Crystal Advantage® equine product line has been created for horses who need to perform at an optimum level despite the stress of traveling, competing or dealing with weather changes and heavy workloads.

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Cold Weather Care For Horses

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By Kaylee Viney, Livestock Specialist

When cold weather strikes what will your horse be telling you? Cold weather can be hard on horses and it is important that they are ready for the rigors of winter. Proper body condition and weight are crucial going into the cold weather season. The following article will provide cold weather feeding tips to maintaining your horse’s weight and overall health. Implementing these tips will allow more enjoyment for you and your horse during the snow covered season.

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Improving Horse Performance Through Smart Nutrition

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By Dan Leiterman


Horses are tremendous athletes; and as such have high nutritional requirements.   For horses that are expected to work or compete for a living, there are advanced nutritional tools that can help keep them performing at their very best. A nutritional program that focuses on improving endurance and providing rapid post-exercise recovery, while also supporting a strong immune function and overall vitality is paramount for any performance horse.

Crystal Creek® has taken these advanced nutritional concepts and designed a program that brings the most biologically sound and efficient nutrition principles to the equine industry.  The Crystal Advantage® line of equine minerals come in two forms. The pelleted mineral is available in 25 and 50 lb bags while the granular mineral is available in a 10 lb pail and 50 lb bag.

 Advanced Nutrition Concept #1: 

Use only the most bio-available, easily digestible mineral sources.

Our Crystal Advantage® Equine Pelleted and Granular Minerals are formulated using only the highest quality vitamins and minerals.  Our minerals contain:

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