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Canine Nutrition At Windy Hill Kennel

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By Ben Hickerson, B.S.

 Nestled in the hills of Holmes County, Ohio, you will find Windy Hill Kennel, owned and operated by Robert Beachy. Robert’s interest in dogs and dog breeding started as a young boy when his father owned a few dogs as a hobby breeder. In the spring of 2000, Robert expanded on his interest and started a new endeavor with a small kennel consisting of Boston Terriers, Shiba’s, and English Bulldogs. After 12 years in the dog breeding industry, Robert decided to take his facility to the next level and make it the best it could be.

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Preventative Nutrition: A New Way To Look At Feeding Your Dog

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By Ryan Leiterman, D.V.M.

When I went to veterinary school thirteen years ago, part of our curriculum focused on what was at the time, a relatively new concept: medical nutrition; specialized dog and cat foods created for companion animals that had specific diseases. Some foods were formulated to help reduce the occurrence of kidney/bladder stones or to help control blood sugar in diabetic dogs, while others were formulated to help dogs with chronically itchy skin. Some dog food companies even went as far as calling their dog foods “prescription” diets available only from licensed veterinarians. The dog food industry embraced the idea of formulating foods specifically balanced to act as an adjunct treatment for animals with different types of diseases. From this concept a new line of canine nutrition has emerged; preventative nutrition.

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Give Your Dog An Advantage With Canine Health Forward

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By Erik Brettingen, B.S.

In the dog food world today, consumers are bombarded with countless dog food formulas all claiming to be the best for their dog. Many of these formulas are based on creative marketing plans that are designed to appeal to the pet owner, but actual nutritional value for the dog is put on the back burner compared to other factors like cost, ingredient availability, and human emotion.

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