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Spring Poultry WEBINAR

Crystal Creek® invites you to participate in our SPRING Poultry Webinar, Saturday, April 9th at 10 a.m.   We will be discussing breed selection, disinfection techniques, and general poultry nutrition.  Call us today at 1-888-376-6777 or email your name, phone number, and the email address you would like to receive webinar sign up information at:

If you were not able to join us for the webinar, you can view it online at:


Dairy Radio Now: “ASK THE VET”

Dr. Ryan Leiterman, Director of Technical Services for Crystal Creek®, is pleased to be a regular contributor to the Dairy Radio Now program with host, Bill Baker. Dr. Leiterman will speak on topics relevant to the dairy calf industry in a featured segment called “Ask the Vet“.  Visit Dairy Radio Now at 

This segment is heard on Dairy Radio Now the first Wednesday of every month.




5/04/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Improving Rumen Microbial Growth




4/07/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Mixing Milk Replacer:  A Daily Task



3/02/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Feeding Programs Vary



2/02/2022:  ASK THE VET:  The Importance of Calf Milk Replacer



1/05/2022:  ASK THE VET:  Keeping Fans on During Winter


12/01/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Dairying in Northern Italy



11/03/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Tweaking the Dairy Ration


10/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Care During Seasonal Changes



09/01/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Gleaning Information from Forage Fermentation Profiles



08/11/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Forage Program Begins with Fermentation Profile



07/07/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Home Grown Forage Digestibility


06/02/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Tweaking the Dairy Ration



05/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  As the Skin Goes, the Immune System Goes



04/07/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Skin Condition Relates to the Immune System


3/02/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Keeping Water Safe and Clean


2/03/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Biofilm Awareness


1/06/2021:  ASK THE VET:  Understanding Winter Ventilation


12/03/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Minimizing the Risk of Ketosis


11/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Ketosis Testing & Treatment Options


10/07/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Testing for Ketosis



09/02/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Calf Diarrhea is Cause for Concern



08/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  The Heat Is On



07/01/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Why Vaccines Fail-Part 2



06/03/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Knowing Your Calf Vaccines-Part 1


05/06/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Tips for Feeding Calves



04/01/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Biofilms in Agriculture


03/04/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Spring Cleaning with Results


02/05/2020:  ASK THE VET:  Feeding Young Calves


01/02/2020:  Heat and Winter Barn Ventilation 


12/4/19:  Winter Barn Ventilation Tips


11/6/19:  Don’t Limit Winter Barn Circulation


10/2/19:  ‘Tis The Season to Control Air Flow


9/5/19:  Six ‘Spokes’ to Calf Health


8/7/19: Beat the Heat with Proper Ventilation


7/3/19: Dairying in Russia


6/5/19: Observations From Europe


5/1/19: German Farming Practices 

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