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Dr. Leiterman to Speak at North Central Ohio Dairy Conference

Dr. Ryan Leiterman will be speaking at the North Central Ohio Dairy Grazing Conference, Thursday, January 24th and Friday, January 25th in Mt. Hope, Ohio. Dr. Leiterman will be discussing transition cow management techniques on Thursday afternoon and tips for achieving more profitability with your dairy operation on Friday, January 25th.  The conference is organized by the Small Farm Institute and the Conference fee includes Registration, Breaks/Vendor Show, Meals and Networking.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet and learn with industry professionals and fellow grazing advocates.


Jessica Getschel, Ventilation Specialist, Contributes to Progressive Dairyman

Crystal Creek® is proud to present Jessica Getschel and Dr. Ryan Leiterman’s recent article published in the Progressive Dairyman Magazine.

Progressive Dairyman will be featuring three of Jessica Getschel’s articles on calf barn ventilation this year.  Jessica is a livestock nutritionist and ventilation specialist at Crystal Creek® and holds a bachelor of science degree from University Wisconsin Madison in Dairy Science and Microbiology.


Key Design Features To Consider Before Building A New Calf Barn

Click here to view as a pdf:  Key design features to consider before building a new calf barn

By Jessica Getschel, B.S.

Proper barn planning saves time and money. For every decision, it is important to understand its associated ramifications. In calf barns, housing style and pen configuration decisions impact ventilation options, which in turn affects the overall success of the barn. Before building a calf barn, think about the ventilation requirements for every season. Allocate at least 10 percent of the overall building cost for the purchase of a well thought out ventilation system and ask these three questions as you consider your ventilation options:

  • Will the system deliver a consistent source of fresh air into the barn during all seasons?
  • Will the system effectively control the airspeed at calf level?
  • Can the ventilation system rapidly adjust to the changing weather conditions of spring and fall when there are warm days and cool nights?

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Dr. Leiterman featured on Dairy Radio Now with “A Breath of Fresh Air”

Dr. Ryan Leiterman, Director of Technical Services for Crystal Creek®, is pleased to now be a regular contributor to the Dairy Radio Now program with host, Bill Baker. Dr. Leiterman will speak on topics relevant to the dairy calf industry in a featured segment called “A Breath of Fresh Air“.

Listen to Dr. Leiterman the first Wednesday of every month on .






4/4/19: Spring Thoughts:  Curtains, Eves & Ridges 

This segment was originally published for the April 2018 Episode of Dairy Radio Now and is being republished as a “Best of the Year” segment for April 2019.  


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10/3/18:  Old Barns Can Have Cost Effective Calf Space


9/5/18:  Focus on the Calf Pen-Not the Barn


8/1/18:  Heat Hurts Calves Too


7/11/18: Calf Wheel of Health


6/6/18: Retrofitting Stanchion Barns for Optimal Ventilation


5/2/18: Staying Consistent in an Inconsistent Environment


4/4/18: Spring Thoughts:  Curtains, Eves & Ridges 


3/7/18: Building A New Calf Barn? 


2/7/18: Raising Healthy Calves Saves Time and Money