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Successful Sow Management

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Alex Austin, B.S.

A successful hog operation begins with productive gilts and sows. Making sure animals are healthy from breeding to farrowing will ensure that piglets get off to the best start possible. The Crystal Creek® Paladin® Swine Program provides a high-quality nutrition model that produces vigorous animals. Crystal Creek® has proven products and services to offer swine producers that give a strong return on investment.

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Interpreting The Value Of A Livestock Mineral

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Customer Favorite This article was originally published in the April 2012 Issue of the Crystal Creek® Newsletter

By Dan Leiterman

The goal of this article is to offer insight in determining the value of a livestock mineral. The value can be determined by combining the information supplied on the label and visual observation of the mineral itself, along with some basic ingredient knowledge. A critical analysis will consider ingredient quality, nutrient bioavailability and possible negative, unintended consequences associated with poor ingredient quality or inappropriate formulation techniques.

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Paladin™ : Your Knight In The Battle For Feed Efficiency

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By Julie Wadzinski, B.S.

From King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table to Charlemagne’s Paladin Knights, defending the vulnerable and weak was one of the Knights’ many duties. In modern times, Crystal Creek’s® Paladin line of swine nutrition protects like a strong knight. Paladin G/F Swine Mineral encourages healthy and profitable swine production. What makes Paladin different from the typical commercial swine mineral is its strong formulation and bio-availability. Crystal Creek® Paladin was designed to meet every gamut of swine production while protecting your stock from the most challenging conditions with sound nutrition.

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