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Interpreting The Value Of A Livestock Mineral

Click here to view as a pdf:  Interpreting The Value Of A Livestock Mineral

Customer Favorite This article was originally published in the April 2012 Issue of the Crystal Creek® Newsletter

By Dan Leiterman

The goal of this article is to offer insight in determining the value of a livestock mineral. The value can be determined by combining the information supplied on the label and visual observation of the mineral itself, along with some basic ingredient knowledge. A critical analysis will consider ingredient quality, nutrient bioavailability and possible negative, unintended consequences associated with poor ingredient quality or inappropriate formulation techniques.

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Grass Founder

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By Stephanie Hutsko, PhD

As the cold winter months give way to the sunshine of spring, horse owners have one thing on their mind: grass. The return of lush, green pastures means that our equine friends can once again graze the day away, but this fresh grass poses a potentially life-threatening problem: grass founder.

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Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix: Innovative Nutrition For All Livestock

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By Alex Austin, B.S.

Crystal Creek® is excited to offer an innovative approach to providing quality nutrition to your livestock. Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix is a new product offering high grade grains resulting in excellent performance nutrition. Pairing Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix with the appropriate Crystal Creek® mineral will provide a superior quality complete feed.


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Understanding Biofilms In Agriculture – Republished as a Customer Favorite

Click here to view as a pdf:  Understanding Biofilms In Agriculture Customer Favorite

Customer Favorite This article was originally published in the April 2017 Issue of the Crystal Creek® Newsletter

By:  Jessica Getschel, B.S.

In agriculture today, sanitation technique and protocol implementation have become more important than ever before. An increased awareness of health benefits gained from a clean environment has stimulated a higher standard of cleaning expectations. Many producers not only strive to remove organic matter from surfaces, but also microbial buildup; more accurately, biofilms.

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We Can Help

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By Teresa Marker, B.S.

Many customers are aware of the high quality products Crystal Creek® offers, but may not be aware of the consulting services that are available. Crystal Creek® prides itself on having a professional and experienced technical support staff that are able to consult on multiple species. This staff consists of a large animal veterinarian, PhD Nutritionists, livestock nutritionists, a certified veterinary technician, livestock specialists and ventilation specialists. Our staff members come with diverse backgrounds and years of experience and are continually researching new ideas and concepts to share with our customers.

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