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Crystal Creek® Expands Warehouse

Warehouse Expansion VideoCrystal Creek® is pleased to announce the expansion of our current warehouse and be a part of the dynamic growth taking place in NW Wisconsin.  This construction project has provided over 100 jobs for skilled laborers and tradesman in our area.

The estimated completion date of September 2016 will allow us to consolidate all of our inventory under one roof.  This increased efficiency will help us better serve our growing customer base. Click on the warehouse image to view a video of the construction progress or choose this link at:

Crystal Creek® would like to thank all of our loyal customers who have helped drive our company forward for the last 19 years.

Crystal Creek®: A Family Business With A History Of Growth

From The Washburn County Economic Development Corporation
June 16, 2016 Newsletter

6-2-2016 stone

 In 2014, additional warehouse space was needed to keep pace with company growth and so again more space was rented.  In 2015, Northwest Builders of Rice Lake, WI was chosen to design and build the current 32,500 sq. foot expansion.  Ground was broken at the end of March 2016 with a September 1st anticipated completion date.

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Calves Enjoy Creature Comforts

By Lynn Grooms
AGRI-VIEW  April 7, 2016

Click here to read as a pdf:  Calves Enjoy Creature Comforts


UNION GROVE, Wis.-Fresh air, pasteurized milk and plenty of clean bedding….calves enjoy the creature comforts in a new calf barn at Mighty Grand Dairy LLC, owned by cousins Myron Daniels, Dave Daniels and Gene Weis.

Finished in December 2015, the new calf barn houses three 16-foot x 56-foot pens and a single-duct, positive-pressure ventilation system developed by Dr. Ryan Leiterman, a veterinarian and director of technical services at Crystal Creek Veterinary Service in Spooner, Wisconsin.  The Flip Duct single-duct system for year-round ventilation was introduced to the market this past fall.

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Growth Feeds Crystal Creek’s Expansion

By Julie Hustvet
Spooner Advocate, June 16, 2016

Spooner Advocate June 2016 Image 1 WEB SPOONER– “We built this way too big.”

If past history is any indication, that may well be the thought as Dan, Jan, and Ryan Leiterman stand inside Crystal Creek’s newest warehouse expansion project, now under construction.

Crystal Creek® provides nutritional supplements and animal health aids for livestock across the United States and Canada and was founded by husband and wife team Dan and Jan Leiterman in 1997. In 2012, their son Dr. Ryan, joined the family business as the company’s staff veterinarian and newest business partner.

Crystal Creek’s birth, like some notable companies, was in a garage. It relocated to a newly built 40-by-80-foot warehouse in Trego in 2001, which the Leiterman’s thought was “way too big” once they moved the company into it.

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Managing Mycotoxins In Feedstuffs: Mycotoxin Binder Strategies

Click here to view as a pdf:  Managing Mycotoxins In Feedstuffs

2013Dan  By Dan Leiterman

Mycotoxins are highly poisonous compounds produced by molds that can grow on livestock feeds both in the field and in storage.  Mycotoxins can seriously reduce production in livestock and can negatively affect the health of both livestock and humans alike. Stressful growing and harvesting conditions, such as drought or very wet weather, are conducive to higher mold growth resulting in more mycotoxins in the feed. Mycotoxins are common in livestock feedstuffs and it has been estimated that over one third of the global grain supply has mycotoxin contamination. Poor storage conditions, post-storage mishandling of feedstuffs and poor bunk management may encourage further mold growth once the crop is out of the field.

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Evaluating Dry Matter Intake From Pastures

Click here to read as a pdf:  Evaluating Dry Matter Intake From Pastures


By Erik Brettingen, B.S.

Many producers we work with at Crystal Creek® utilize pasture as a valuable feedstuff in their ration during the grazing season. Pasture is a cost effective feed that provides great nutrition, supports rumen microbes, promotes animal health, and improves the profitability of many operations when utilized properly. While pasture as a feed can be very beneficial, it has one downfall.  It is difficult to measure the dry matter intake (DMI) of your animals when they are on pasture. Dry matter intake is a crucial piece of information for nutritionists when balancing a ration.  A balanced ration is essential for optimal production, reproduction, animal health and ultimately profitability.

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