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Ask The Vet / Ask The Nutritionist

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Based on your experience, what practices do you see successful calf raisers implementing on their farms?”

 Our best calf raisers excel because they all focus on their colostrum, bedding and sanitation programs. Although each of these management topics can be an entire article in and of themselves, below are some QUICK TIPS for calf raisers:

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Feedstuffs

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By Teresa Marker, B.S.

Dairy producers spend a lot of time, energy and money to grow, harvest and store quality feedstuffs that will be used to feed their livestock. Optimizing those feedstuffs by feeding a balanced ration will make the rumen more consistent and provide a stable environment for rumen microbes to grow which will help improve herd performance, productivity and profitability. Evaluating silage management, TMR mixing and bunk management on the farm are all useful areas that can be evaluated to help maximize the full potential of homegrown feedstuffs.

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Beef Up Your Mineral Feeding Program

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Are Your Cows Getting What They Need in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

Erik_WEBBy Erik Brettingen, B.S.

Limiting or decreasing the amount of mineral provided to beef cattle is a common practice to save money throughout the year for some beef producers. If a cow is shorted the vitamins and minerals needed during the third trimester of pregnancy, it will negatively affect the health of the cow and her calf. The third trimester is a critical time, with 75% of the calf’s total weight gain occurring over these three months¹.

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Gearing Up For Lambing And Kidding Seasons

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By Jessica Dercks, B.S.

Preparing for healthy kids and lambs starts long before kidding and lambing seasons begin. It is vital for gestating animals to have a well balanced ration that provides the appropriate minerals and vitamins not only for their own health, but for their developing young as well. Because sheep and goats have different nutrient requirements, Crystal Creek® offers both a Goat and a Sheep Mineral. Both formulas are packed with readily bioavailable vitamins and minerals specifically balanced for each species. The purchase of either mineral comes with custom ration balancing services that ensure quality, cost effective diets.

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The Importance Of Calf Bedding

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By Kaylee Viney

Livestock Specialist

The investment made in young stock and heifers sets the groundwork for future herd performance. There is new research in the industry on how calf bedding not only affects the health and growth of young calves, but its significant impact on future milk production. Bedding type and management have higher importance when faced with cold weather challenges.

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Dr. Leiterman to Present at Indiana Dairy Producer’s Forum


Indiana Dairy Producer’s Dairy Forum

February 1st-2nd, 2017

French Lick Springs Hotel
8670 W. State Road 56
French Lick, IN  47432

The Indiana Dairy Producers Forum will host a number of speakers, including Dr. Ryan Leiterman from Crystal Creek®.  Speakers will present information on various dairy topics ranging from livestock nutrition to robotic milking.

Dr. Leiterman will be facilitating a panel discussion for attendees highlighting producer’s successful first hand experiences with calf care and feeding strategies that have been implemented on their operations.  Dr. Leiterman will help highlight these successful techniques and incorporate additional tips for calf rearing from a veterinarian’s perspective.

The Indiana Dairy Producers mission statement is:  “To promote a profitable, positive, professional image of dairy producers while providing educational opportunities for the interchange of ideas and to speak as a proactive voice for Indiana Dairy Producers”.  They can be found online at: