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Inoc-U-Lock™ Provides Significant Returns To Livestock Producers

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By Dan Leiterman

Properly inoculating livestock feedstuffs with Inoc-U-Lock can provide many benefits to the producer. Benefits include reduced dry matter loss during storage, reduced nutrient loss (protein, energy) during storage, improved aerobic stability for less mold and yeast growth on storage face and a reduced risk of heating in the bunk. Inoc-U-Lock  also supports higher dry matter intake, improved production and stronger profitability; all key reasons why so many producers are using Inoc-U-Lock.

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The Case Of The Costly Calves

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By Julie Wadzinski, B.S.

Production agriculture can be a costly venture, but there are methods and strategies that can be implemented to help assure profitability. For the dairy farmer, having a barn full of healthy and efficient cows is one of the best assurances for a positive economic outcome. The making of those profitable and healthy cows starts with 1) good colostrum management and 2) using a cost effective feeding strategy that will promote rumen development and proper frame growth.

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Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics – How Dual Purpose Cattle Impact Your Farm

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By John Popp, PhD.

In March, Big Bear Genetics hosted a trip for a group of dairy farmers to tour different areas of Germany to observe purebred and crossbred herds using Fleckvieh genetics. The question on everyone’s mind was: What will these animals do for us and the future of our farm? Are they efficient? Can they produce milk to the level that we need in order for us to have financial success?

To answer these questions we scheduled tours at several different types of  dairies. We visited larger dairies with 600 plus milking cows, a few organic herds and a high producing, purebred herd in Bavaria.

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Calf Barn Ventilation Services

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By Ryan Leiterman, D.V.M.

Come Meet Dr. Leiterman

Discuss your calf barn ventilation needs at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days August 25-27, 2015 in Sun Prairie and at World Dairy Expo Sept 29-Oct 3, 2015 in Madison, WI.

 Dr. Leiterman is a dairy veterinarian experienced in calf barn ventilation design and analysis. He holds degrees in both Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Medicine.

 During his time in practice, Dr. Leiterman has experienced first-hand how a properly designed ventilation system can improve calf health and calf raising profitability.  Producers are encouraged to consider all factors that will improve the quality of the air the calves will breathe. As a calf barn ventilation engineer and a veterinarian, Dr. Leiterman has designed over 100 calf barns across the United States. Seeing different types of operations has given him the opportunity to learn various calf barn construction techniques that can improve air quality and reduce construction costs.

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