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Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix: Innovative Nutrition For All Livestock

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By Alex Austin, B.S.

Crystal Creek® is excited to offer an innovative approach to providing quality nutrition to your livestock. Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix is a new product offering high grade grains resulting in excellent performance nutrition. Pairing Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix with the appropriate Crystal Creek® mineral will provide a superior quality complete feed.


Formulated using corn, oats and roasted soybeans, Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix delivers a high amino acid profile with balanced levels of protein and energy to meet the performance requirements of animals. Available in easy to handle 50 lb. bags, Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix is ideal for producers who are not equipped to handle bulk quantities of feed.  Molasses and soy oil are used at low levels to increase palatability while decreasing fines and dust. All ingredients are designed to maintain feed integrity and quality throughout the shelf life of the feed. Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix also contains a mycotoxin binder, which acts as insurance against the negative impacts of mycotoxins that could be present in the diet.

Crystal Creek® does not believe in a “one size fits all” nutrition approach for animals. Nutritional needs vary with life stage, breed, work level and performance expectations. The sample diets below illustrate how Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix can fit into your feeding program. Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix serves as a quality base grain mix with the ability to add the required amount of Crystal Creek® mineral livestock need. The values below are amounts to be given per head per day.  This ability to customize the diet results in better feed utilization and increased feed efficiency creating an economically sound nutrition program.

Crystal Creek® has experienced staff dedicated to understanding your expectations and helping you achieve your goals. We provide professional ration balancing and consulting with the purchase of our mineral. To learn more about Crystal Creek® Foundation Grain Mix and other products and services Crystal Creek® provides, call 1-888-376-6777.