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Inoc-U-Lock™ Provides Significant Returns To Livestock Producers

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By Dan Leiterman

Properly inoculating livestock feedstuffs with Inoc-U-Lock can provide many benefits to the producer. Benefits include reduced dry matter loss during storage, reduced nutrient loss (protein, energy) during storage, improved aerobic stability for less mold and yeast growth on storage face and a reduced risk of heating in the bunk. Inoc-U-Lock  also supports higher dry matter intake, improved production and stronger profitability; all key reasons why so many producers are using Inoc-U-Lock.

Since my article in the April 2015 Crystal Creek® Newsletter (Introducing Crystal Creek’s Inoc-U-Lock Buchneri), we have had a number of questions about the detailed economics of using Inoc-U-Lock in both organic and non-organic dairy operations. Consequently, I thought it would be helpful to write a follow-up article demonstrating the significant economic advantages Inoc-U-Lock can provide. Tractor & Feed

Figures 1-5 show an economic evaluation of Inoc-U-Lock using only two key categories of performance: reduced dry matter loss and reduced protein loss. In the first example, a non-organic 50 cow herd using Inoc-U-Lock has a return-on-investment (ROI) of approximately 3:1 resulting in a profit increase of at least $3,382.00. In the 50 cow organic herd, the ROI is at least 9:1 resulting in over $10,256.00 additional profit.

Inoc-U-Lock offers exceptional performance at a great value. Protect your hard work, investment and bottom-line by applying Inoc-U-Lock  to your feedstuffs.

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Inoc-U-Lock Figures 1,2 & 3

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Inoc-U-Lock Figures 4 and 5


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