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Pre-Engineered Tube Ventilation Systems

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Ryan Leiterman

By Ryan Leiterman, D.V.M.

What are the benefits of a pre-engineered positive pressure tube system?

Crystal Creek® is now handling pre-engineered tube systems. These duct systems have reduced set up and production time, lower material waste and use bulk shipments for lower freight costs; making the ducts less expensive when compared to a customized duct. Pre-engineered duct systems do not require a ventilation designer to engineer the system, further reducing costs.

How are these pre-engineered ducts designed?  pre-engineered positive pressure tube system

Pre-engineered ducts are made of a durable, UV-resistant, rip-stop high density polyethylene material that contains a patented, lightweight internal membrane which can be moved to change airflow based on seasonal ventilation requirements. An array of numerous, small holes are located at the top of the tube (spanning the ten to two o’clock position) that discharge slow, non-drafty air during cold weather. An array of fewer, larger holes located at the bottom of the duct at the six o’clock position discharge fast, cooling air straight down during times of warm weather. The large six o’clock position summer holes that are spaced along the bottom of the tube (4 feet on center) are to be aligned with the center of each individual calf pen housing system. These ducts are designed to be centered over the calf pen area at a range of 7-10 feet off the ground.


What size pre-engineered ventilation system do I need?

Fan and duct sizing are dependent on the number of calves housed, their size and the dimensions of the barn.  Pre-engineered ducts are designed to be specifically powered by the ACME FanJet series of fans. Using another fan with dissimilar air output could lead to improper function of the system. A Crystal Creek® ventilation specialist can work with you to determine what system is right for your operation.  ACME Fans

What duct colors and lengths are available?

Pre-engineered ducts are only available in a dark green color and come in 50, 75, 100 and 125 foot lengths. Custom ducts have additional colors available.

Where can I buy these systems?

Crystal Creek® carries everything you will need for your pre-engineered ventilation system. Fans, ducts, mounting hardware, variable speed controllers and fan hoods can be purchased from Crystal Creek® and shipped quickly and conveniently to your farm.