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By Teresa Marker, B.S.

Many customers are aware of the high quality products Crystal Creek® offers, but may not be aware of the consulting services that are available. Crystal Creek® prides itself on having a professional and experienced technical support staff that are able to consult on multiple species. This staff consists of a large animal veterinarian, PhD Nutritionists, livestock nutritionists, a certified veterinary technician, livestock specialists and ventilation specialists. Our staff members come with diverse backgrounds and years of experience and are continually researching new ideas and concepts to share with our customers.

Livestock Nutrition

Our nutritionists can help develop high quality feeding plans, balance rations or assist in trouble shooting problem areas on your operation for a multitude of animal species. These innovative ration balancing services are free with the purchase of Crystal Creek® livestock mineral.

Nutrition consulting also deals with assessing mold and mycotoxin exposure with the appropriate tests and remediation methods if toxins are detected. Livestock nutritionists are also knowledgeable about implementing a quality inoculant program to help the producer increase the quality of their farm raised feeds. Consistent feedback and communication is key in implementing a successful ration and feeding plan.

Animal Health Consultation

When you call Crystal Creek® with animal health questions, you can feel confident that you will be provided with clear, accurate information. A few common topics often discussed with customers include: Transition cow management, mastitis/high somatic cell counts, reproduction issues and vaccination protocols.

Crystal Creek® specialty areas include:

Calf Program Consultation

Crystal Creek® offers consulting services on calf nutrition (milk replacer, calf feed, minerals and feed additives). We have technology available to help test colostrum quality and evaluate passive transfer to provide comprehensive colostrum program management. Our line of nutritional supplements for calves can help support your animals during stressful times. We can help determine methods to prevent scours and support the calves immune system to assist in overcoming challenges.

Ventilation Services

Crystal Creek® ventilation specialists develop customized systems for your specific barn layout whether it be an existing barn or new construction. Our team brings a special perspective to the table, not just focusing on ventilation concerns but creating a plan that addresses the goals of your entire calf program.

Dr. Ryan Leiterman holds degrees in both Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Engineering and is the inventor of the FLIP DUCT and FLAP DUCT ventilation tube which has both domestic and foreign patents for its innovative design. Learn more about these services on our website under the “CALF BARN VENTILATION” tab.

Disinfectant Protocol Analysis

Disinfection products are now available at Crystal Creek®. Staff members are available to perform audits of cleaning and disinfecting protocols that are currently in place and then work with each farm to identify areas of opportunity and which product(s) and protocol(s) can be implemented to provide calves with a clean, safe environment.

The services listed in this article are just a select few ways Crystal Creek® can help you be more sustainable and profitable. The Crystal Creek® Newsletter, which is published three times a year, is a great resource solution to livestock problems.  Newsletter articles are also available online at Crystal Creek’s committed staff is here to help. Contact us today to see what we can offer your livestock operation.