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Introducing Crystal Creek®’s Inoc-U-Lock™ Buchneri

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By Dan Leiterman

The very foundation of profitable livestock production relies on feeding high quality feedstuffs. Also, the need to feed high quality forages which are critical to a healthy bottom line for any dairy or beef producer, is a well understood principle in the industry. Over the years research has shown that applying a good inoculant to feedstuffs at the time of ensiling can provide a significant return on investment for the producer. A well designed inoculant program will help speed fermentation to reduce dry matter loss, reduce protein degradation, reduce lost energy (sugars), stabilize the face quality and improve bunk shelf life. Additional benefits include enhanced dry matter intake, improved feedstuff digestibility, improved milk and meat production and ultimately improved profits for the producer. Using a good inoculant like Inoc-U-Lock™ is a smart business decision. The focus of this article is to explain the Inoc-U-Lock™ controlled fermentation process and to describe where the L. buchneri bacteria may fit into your program.

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“Ask The Vet and Ask The Nutritionist”

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By Teresa Marker, B.S.

“Two years ago in Wisconsin we had drought-like growing conditions and I experienced molds & mycotoxins in my feedstuffs.  The 2014 growing season brought ample amounts of rain.  Are my worries about mold and mycotoxins over?”

J.S. from Central Wisconsin

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